Five days
Date: June 24 - June 28, 2013

Time: 9:30a.m. - 3:30p.m.   
Price: $275

This cityscape painting workshop is a five day intensive.  All levels are welcome as instruction and morning lecture-demo will be inclusive and sensitive to beginners and advanced.  Participants can work in the medium of their choice.  Each day we will meet at a designated location for a group lesson.

Drawing as well as design topics will be addressed with an emphasis on seeing shapes, simplifying volumes in space, linear and atmospheric perspective, understanding light, organizing values and identifying colours and temperature.

The first day the group will meet at Michael Gerry’s studio-home for an introduction and then venture out to the alleyways of the neighborhood.  Each additional day we will meet at the designated location.  In case of inclement weather, participants will be notified the night before as to where to meet.

Materials and Equipment: sketchbook, pencils, viewfinder, canvas, panel or other suitable supports, paint, water container, rags, folding chair or and lightweight easel, palette, sun hat, sun screen.

For Registration, please contact: info@paintaworld.com or call 416 830 0960



Caledon Hills
Four days, five nights

Time: 9:30a.m. - 5:30p.m. / evening slide lecture or art film
Price: $ 665

Lanny Shereck will bring an Art Historical perspective and analysis to the landscape painting with lecture and slides relating to the painting issues pursued throughout the days painting and drawing practices.  All levels from beginners to experienced painters are welcome.  The emphasis will be on design, color and temperature, linear and atmospheric perspective, and tonality.  

The days will start with a lecture or demonstration introducing the day’s painting priorities such as design, composition, construction, contour, blocking in of simple shapes, color, tonal scale, style and taste, and more abstract approach to representation.  Participants will then disperse and begin painting. The instructor will come along to the students and instruct individually throughout the day with a lunch break around 1 o’clock.   Art movies and slides in reference to the days painting will be shown in the evenings.  During any time the participants can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, stroll or swim in the in the fresh water Olympic pool size private pond.

Materials and equipment: Sketch book, pencils and charcoal, viewfinder, canvas or other painting surface,  paint, oil or acrylic, containers, rags, folding chair, easel, palette, sun hat and sun screen.

The price includes all painting instruction, evening art discussions, food and accommodation in a Caledon Hills country house (double occupancy). 

For Registration, please contact: info@paintaworld.com or call 416 830 0960


Ongoing one-day sessions
Location: Toronto
Price: $ 110

This workshop is ideal for watercolourists, sketchbook artists, travel journalists and for anyone who has booked a PAW trip to Provence or Tuscany.

Please contact us for dates and availability or visit: http://vivianducas.blogspot.com

For more information and reservations please contact

or email us at info@paintaworld.com

We are committed to bringing you a memorable experience in a creative and stimulating atmosphere with like minded travelers.

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