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Bulgaria has for a long time been one of Eastern Europe’s best kept secrets. It has increasingly developed into a popular tourist destination. By request from many participants on our previous European tours, Michaela, the founder of Paint a World, will proudly be sharing the cultural traditions and beauty of her birthplace.

Bulgaria’s important geographic location has made it home to various ancient civilizations and mesmerizing natural and climatic conditions. Discovering the cultural centers, as well as rural Bulgaria, whose tourism is based more in its villages than its cities, is an incredible experience. So unique are some villages that they seem to exist in timelessness, as if nothing has changed in the last several centuries.

In order to explore and paint more of the vast variety of natural resources spread around the country this tour is 14-day long and we’ll be staying at four bases. We’ll spend the first two nights in charming Plovdiv, then move across the Balkan mountains to Tryavna, the cradle of Bulgarian Revival for four nights. The next four nights we’ll spend in the authentic Arbanassi village, located by the ancient capital of Veliko Turnovo. The last two days we’ll spend in the cosmopolitan Bulgarian capital Sofia.  From these strategically located bases, we’ll be taking multiple excursions to nearby fascinating sites.

There’ll be group instruction as well as one on one.
The tour incorporates the usual daily painting lesson in the morning, discussions, demonstrations and critique sessions, but in Bulgaria we will be traveling lightly with our painting supplies in order to move freely and to enhance flexibility. 

You will be able to fit supplies in a shoulder bag and  by keeping our supplies limited and reducing our palette we'll learn more about color and have an opportunity to focus on drawing and design.

Our tour is planned in consideration with the existing possibilities for painting and exploration.

Additional excursions will include visits to other architectural treasures and less well-known, but equally traditional centers and towns like Etera, Bojenzi, Lovech, Troyan.

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Bulgaria is an exceptionally picturesque country tucked away in the northern part of the Balkan Peninsula in South Eastern Europe. It has a rich 13-century historical legacy, linking East and West. Bulgaria remembers ancient civilizations and great people who wrote its turbulent history and enjoys a landscape full of contrasts. Her South Eastern frontier borders on Turkey and together with Greece it forms the frontier of Christian Europe. 

Veliko Turnovo, the medieval capital of Bulgaria show a remarkable, unique architectural style. It is an unusual city whose stone houses seem perched one above the other on the town hills by the steep banks of the Yantra river. Markets have been brought back to life and skilful craftsmen sell exquisite objects in the small restored workshops. The town has an unbeatable atmosphere with its bridges unexpectedly flying over the river, the towers, the palaces, with its museums, ancient columns with writings left by proud rulers, monasteries with unique murals.

In the nearby village of Arbanassi, founded in the late 15th century everything is authentic: the unique architecture of the Arbanassi houses, the old-time narrow streets, the drinking fountains, the moving mural paintings, icons and original iconostases in the remarkable churches and monasteries. Today Arbanassi elegantly combines the preserved old-time atmosphere with modern conveniences.

The small town of Tryavna is a living museum town. An old crafts’ center, it is one of the cultural centres of the Bulgarian Revival period. Wandering through the narrow cobblestone streets one can admire the richly designed woodcarvings, which abound both inside and outside the houses. They have their unique architectural peculiarities. Well cut and neatly arranged rocks cover the roofs.

Plenty charming privately owned restaurants housed there offer typical Bulgarian dishes. Various authentic villages and sights are scattered in the vicinity and we’ll be visiting the most important ones.

Plovdiv, one of the most attractive and vibrant towns in the country was founded by Philip II of Macedonia in the 4thC BC. It is situated along the two banks of Maritza river around seven unique stone hills. The Old town embodies its long and varied history - Thracian fortifications utilized by Macedonian masons, overlaid with Byzantine walls, and great timber-framed mansions erected during the Bulgarian renaissance and overlooking the Ottoman mosques in the lower town.

Sofia offers a pleasant combination of urbane relaxation and awe-inspiring museums and buildings. Founded over 7,000 years ago, Bulgaria’s modern capital testifies to the country’s eternal bond between past and present. Monuments to its rich Thracian, Roman, Bulgarian and Ottoman history rub shoulders with modem-day edifices of cosmopolitan city life. Over 250 historic landmarks and architectural monuments blend in with the city’s modern skyline.




All four accommodation bases have been handpicked amongst many and selected based on their atmosphere, comfort, convenient location, and ability
to offer the desired modern conveniences in an authentic environment.
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Tour Price:
$4079 CDN plus airport taxes, which are determined by the airline at the time of ticketing.

Tour Includes:

Round trip Air Fare Toronto - Sofia, ground transportation, accommodations with breakfasts, painting classes, critique sessions, excursions to picturesque and culturally rich traditional sights, guided tours of the major towns. The price is based on double room occupancy. Single accommodation is possible as well, based on availability at a price of $310 more. Deposit is $600 CDN.

Limited to 12 participants. Space is guaranteed at time of deposit.

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